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The Minor Pentatonic - Blues

David O' Toole (784) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Minor Pentatonic Scale - Blues Standard

Spinning Electric Guitar width=60 height=100

The Minor Pentatonic Scale

The most common way to start soloing asap is thru the use of the Minor Pentatonic scale. It's a 5 note scale and easy to play.

Here's the standard A Minor Pentatonic Scale - the root note or key of the scale can be found on the 5th fret on the low E-string. In this case the key of A.

A Minor Pentatonic Scale width=396 height=138

Guitar Chart Diagram - A Minor Pentatonic

Music Note height=32 width=32A Minor Pentatonic Scale

Here's this scale in A over the fret board and the patterns just repeat themselves after the 12th fret. You can see the root note A which is marked in red.

Guitar Pentatonic Scale A Minor 12 frets

Guitar scale width=282 height=138Guitar Scale width=290 height=138

Guitar Pentatonic Scale A Minor

A common blues progression to practice this scale and sound over would be A D E. This is also known as the 1 4 5 progression. You see it written down a lot using Roman numerals - I IV V.

This scale is moveable and of course can be played in any key - to play a G Pentatonic Minor scale you would start off 2 frets below the above, on the 3rd fret at the note G.

You can add some "Blues" notes to this scale to spice it up, which is dealt with in our Blues Guitar Scale But the next step after that is the key!
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