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Quartal Chords...Lite

Jeremy Cotton (7938) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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I have been questing to find chords that lay easily on the guitar but don't sound like "guitar chords".

By lay easily, I mean easy and quick to grab in comping and soling situations- the easiest for me are 3 note chords with 1 or 2 fingers needed. Using less fingers means more fingers available to play melodies or basslines. These chords tend to be quartal (voiced in 4ths).

A lot of these sounded strange to me at first. But after playing them, and listening to Charlie Hunter and (organist) Larry Young, I started to hear them a lot. These also are not different from some Kenny Burrell ideas- he uses a lot of ambiguous and "open" sounding chords also.

Another cool thing about them is that you can apply the same shapes to different harmonic situation for totally different sounds.