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30 Steps To Learning Guitar

John Chamley (252) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Someone sent me an email asking for 25 steps to learn guitar for a school project. I thought about it and came up with 30. It's oversimplified and not necessarily in order, but as a checklist it might help some.

1. Really WANT to learn guitar.

2. Find a good teacher to show you the proper way to sit, hold and play the guitar.

3. Make a commitment to study and decide how long every day you can practice.

4. Practice every day.

5. Pay close attention to your teacher and ask questions "why" you need to do things.

6. Learn all the string names

7. Learn how to use the right hand to play individual notes

8. Learn how to use frets to play other notes

9. Learn major scales

10. Learn the 3 types of minor scales

11. Learn about the scale modes and how they sound

12. Learn all the notes on the fretboard (step by step)

13. Learn to play two notes at once

14. Learn to play chords

15. Learn to read standard music notation

16. Learn to read chord symbols

17. Learn to read tabulated notation

18. Learn to add dynamics (piano, forte, crescendo etc...)to the music

19. Learn to play "music" (play with feeling) rather than just guitar

20. Play along with a metronome to develop good timing and note quality

21. Play together with other people to develop ability to harmonize

22. Record your playing and listen for how you can improve

23. Listen to other great guitar players to hear how it should sound

24. Try to play like the best players

25. Take every opportunity to play in public

26. Take every opportunity to play with other players and singers

27. Put your heart and soul into every note

28. Keep up the practice and enjoy your music

29. Teach others to play, or share what you know - both will learn

30. The expession, "you are what you eat," applies to music: "You are what you play," so play, and be your best.

Good luck!