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HTML Tips For Use In The Fretbuzz

James Wilmoth (5351) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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In this lesson, you will find HTML codes that you can copy and paste into whatever you need, be it a Fretbuzz message, a private message here at the 'Note or for your homepage. A lot of this is stuff I have learned from other members here.

At the bottom of each page, I have included a link to a practice window that I am borrowing from Merchant's Encyclopedia of HTML. Let's hope they are nice enough not to send me to prison when they find out. I highly encourage you to check out the site if you want a more in depth lesson on spelling HTML correctly. Please take the time to read the extra tips and links I have jotted down in the last page.

To make sure that the codes show up, I have inserted an asterisk (*) in parts of the codes. Just be sure to delete them when applying them to whatever it is you are doing.

Below are basic codes for changing characteristics of your words:

<*b>Your message<*/b>
Your message

<*i>My message<*/i>
My message

<*u>Underline your message<*/u>
Underline your message

Marquee text, or text that moves:
<*Marquee behavior=alternate>This is an example of an alternating marquee<*/marquee>
This is an example of an alternating marquee

<*Marquee behavior=scroll>This is an example of a scrolling marquee<*/Marquee>
This is an example of a scrolling marquee

Let's talk about fonts now. The font tag looks like this:

<*font face="">Your words here<*/font>

Between the quotation marks, you will need to enter the font, or style of letters, that you want the reader to see. In the example below, I have chosen Comic Sans MS.

<*font face="comic sans ms">Your words here<*/font>

Your words here

Practice Window