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Faster Chord Changes

William Wilson (182) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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Nothing plagues beginning guitarists like gaps between chords. We have all heard them. A player is grooving along and you are tapping your feet swaying side to side when suddenly they come to a stop when they need to change chords, your feet stumble, your sway grinds to a halt and you are left feeling cheated by the performer. Let's not let that happen! When it comes to changing between chords there are several things that can help.
The great guitarist Fernando Sor one said, "I have always preferred hearing it said of a performance, 'He appears to be doing nothing, that appears so easy!'" What he is talking about is what is commonly called "effortless guitar playing." The idea is that a guitar player should be as efficient as possible and not have any wasted movements. This is the focus of this lesson. How can you move from one chord to another efficiently as opposed to what players normally try to do, which is just to move quickly.