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Fast Intro To The Major Pentatonic

David O' Toole (784) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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The Pentatonic Major Scale - Instant Cool

Spinning Electric Guitar width=60 height=100

  • Beginners Tip Please print this guitar lesson out to speed things up, and go over points you're not clear on a few times 'til you get to the "...ah yeh" stage ;-).
  • Beginners Tip This guitar lesson is written and played in the key of C, but it can be transposed into any key.
  • Beginners Tip When you have the basic scale in one position (cover 4 frets), well then try it out over the backing track. If you'd like to hear this scale in action there's a demo to listen to aswell.
  • Advanced Players Use the backing track to have a bit of practice, or fun, or whatever is on the menu ...

Guitar Lesson - Major Pentatonic Scale A 5 note scale (latin: penta = 5), it's heard in many styles of music, such as all over Oasis albums, in tasty Eric Johnson runs, and lots of hot Country and Pop stuff. It's a bright sounding scale in general and heard in many disguises.

Well worth learning and easy to use effectively - we'll be concentrating more on the rockier end of things in this particular guitar lesson. A country special featuring this scale will be coming soon.

This scale is a brilliant starting point for a bit of easy soloing. You can take it beyond, to wherever you like.

Here's a basic position with the note names and some suggested fingering using all 4 fingers. In general many experienced players using this scale, just use 3 fingers and it sounds great. Feel free to experiment.

Guitar Chart Diagram width=440 height=138

Guitar lesson #1 - C Major Pentatonic Scale

C Major Major Pentatonic Scale

You can use this scale over a standard C Major family of chords.

Here's what the scale looks like in this key, all over the fretboard. The pattern repeats itself after the 12th fret as usual. Learn it in one position, and when you know that well add the next position beside it using the notes you have previously learned as a reference.


C Major Pentatonic Scale

  • Beginner's Guitar Lesson Tip Don't 4get to print it out - Print n' Play for fast results!

Here's the sound of the Major Pentatonic over a standard C Major chord progression -

C /// : G /// : A minor /// : F ///

C Major Major Pentatonic Scale Solo Demo - "Tonals Oasis"

And here's the backing track in C to practice this scale over.

Guitar Lesson - C Major Major Pentatonic Scale Backing Track
  • Guitar lesson Tip Don't forget to loop it in your media player.
  • Guitar lesson Tips The quickest way to get this scale under your belt, is to print out the diagram above and practice it over the backing track.
  • Guitar lesson Tips Memorize it away from the guitar too - draw it out on paper etc.
  • Guitar lesson Tip When your hot in the key of C you should start trying these ideas in other keys.
  • Guitar lesson Tip Don't forget to add plenty of slides, vibrato, pull-offs and the rest of the gang.
  • Guitar lesson Tip If you need to learn these basic but vital techniques, there's loads of great lessons right here on Wholenote on that type of stuff - do a search on these keyword to get started: hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, scales, modes, bends, and also I would recommend a good primer - the Wolf Marshall one is good.
  • Guitar lesson Tip Have fun with it -yippeee!

See you and thanx - hope you enjoyed and picked up something useful from this quick Major Pentatonic Scale intro.