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For The Shred Guitar Fanatics

Justin Harding (1760) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 180
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Hello! and welcome to my newest lesson. Through the pages of this lesson, like my others, I will include various different licks, and ideas you can use to help you incorporate shred guitar as a part of your own playing technique! This first example is done by using a string skipping sequence on a chromatic scale, all done by alternate picking. The idea of this exercise is is get people using all 4 of their fingers while playing the guitar, and to get them practicing string skipping, and of course alternate picking.

Incase people do not understand alternate picking, it is a a process, using a guitar pick, in which you strike the guitar string in a downward motion, and then again in an upwards motion repeatedly.
For The Shred Guitar Fanatics
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