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Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Josh Graves (2401) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 80
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Now this is some real fun stuff! I stumbled across this sheet music titled, "Swing Low Sweet Chariot," one day and it is my favorite piece of solo guitar music I know. Unfortunately I have no idea who the arranger is, my music doesn't say. This is the middle part of three, and I've adapted it somewhat so that it works better alone. The intro is rubato, which means that it is in free time, and it's too tough to notate on the sequencer, and the last part I'm going to keep a secret (at least for now). If we ever get to download MP3's of our playing here at WN, I'll record the whole piece as I perform it on my classical. It sounds really good on nylon, but it works just fine on steel string acoustic. I prefer to listen to the sequence using the Ac Nylon sound.

If you don't want suggestions and help with fingerings, just skip to the last page. The key to making this piece sound full is holding the notes as long as the sequencer does. The bass and melody parts should flow as if being played by two different guitarists. This is an amazing piece when performed properly.

Here are the first five measures (measure one is actually a pick up from the intro). Play the bass line solo at first. Real legato, no breaks between the notes. Then try it at half tempo with the melody. The slide on beat one of measure two which lands on the G# and B has to be cut off a little so that you can get down to play the F# in the bass on beat two. Barre the fourth fret on beat three of measure four, and hold it until you barre the seventh fret between beats two and three of the next measure.
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
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William Evenhouse (56) wrote:
Sep 28 2017
A nice arrangement and well worth working at.

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