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Deep River Blues

Josh Graves (2401) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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Now we're getting tricky. This is a tough couple of measures. Again use your thumb to play the Travis style bass line, but now it's alternating from root to third to fifth to third. The melody is syncopated over that bass line. Slow it WAY down and be patient with your practicing until you really have it. Be sure to allow the notes to ring as long as possible, don't chunk the bass line because your struggling with the melody notes. Keep it slow and practice hard, I guarantee you will be able to get it, and mastering these two measures will pay dividends to your fingerstyle technique. When you put it all together, don't forget that the F# on the first sting is actually held over from the previous measure. At the end of this measure, go to the beginning and repeat the first four measures, the move on to what's on page four.

Doc is obviously implying a B major tonality in the bass line, while the melody contains a D natural and a G natural, implying B minor. This is the essence of the blues. He even plays a D natural in the melody right over a D# in the bass on the second beat of measure two. This may sound a little harsh when your working slowly through it, but it ain't nothing but the blues when you get it up to tempo.
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