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An Intro To Punk/Emo

Abry Rath (99) · [archive]
Style: Punk · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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There you have it, all the chords you'd ever need for punk/emo as a hobby or for a band. Now for songs to practice and eqipment recomendations.

First well start with equipment:
1.Electric Guitar
-No cheap guitars will do, beleive me, ive tried. But if you are short on cash I suggest the Ibanez GRX20 (about 150)
-I prefer humbucker pickups instead of coils.
-Get a guitar with low action (The distance between the strings and the fretboard), theyre MUCH easier to play.

-If youre just starting out youll only need somewhere around 20-40 Watts, but if youre getting serious go for somewhere around 100-150W.
-Don't be afraid to spend some cash, if you invest in a good quality amp it will last you forever.
-Try to get an amp with good and lots of effects such as a)Great distortion b)Reverb c)Chorus etc.

-If you got a good amp you wont need effects pedals, but you still may consider a Wah pedal or a multi-effect pedal.
-For punk you will NEED a great distortion pedal, a BOSS or a Digitech will do. Im sorry to say it, but youre not going to find any bargains on a good pedal, but its worth it.
-I personally love the chorus effect, So id buy one of these when you have the cash.

For EMO:
1. Guitar
-Acoustic is great for emo, but youll probably want an electric as well. I wouldnt go for an acoustic electric just yet.
-Again, a cheap guitar is no good. I bought a $50 acoustic guitar once... not a good idea.
-Low action is always good.

Any questions, email me at ARath125@aol.com
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