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An Intro To Punk/Emo

Abry Rath (99) · [archive]
Style: Punk · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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BARRE CHORDS!! WOOOOOOOO! Barre chords are a HUGE part of punk and especially acoustic emo. Barre chords simply means that you 'bar' your first finger across an entire fret and leave no strings open. Enough with the explanation, heres an example of a barre chord on the E string.

Barre Chords sound much brighter because there are 6 strings all being played at once. *The E barre chord really isnt much of a barre chord at this particular place because you dont need to bar your finger, its more of an open chord, but well still call it a barre chord.

Again, Barre chords are named by their root. If you havent noticed yet, power chords are the first 3 strings of a barre chord. So bassically power chords are simpler barre chords. Take a look:

Play each one and see how it sounds.

Take a look at the next page for barre chords on the A string.
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