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An Intro To Punk/Emo

Abry Rath (99) · [archive]
Style: Punk · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Now that you know basic powerchords its time to learn some inverted ones.
First, well mess around with the octave. all the other notes in the chord will stay the same except the octave which will be altered either a half or a whole step either higher or lower.

Experiment with these, and I don't recomend to over use them, as theyre not the most pleasing noise ever.

Now we Can go into some other kinds of power chords.

Now notice how the root of this chord is altered. You could argue that its not a G anymore, because the root note is a Gb or F#. But i call it a G because its a G powerchord with an altered root. Yes, it does sound like crap, but again you can use it for transition.

This is a power chord with an altered 2nd note. Its your opinion as to if you should use this or not, but it is hard to stretch your fingers this far if your a beginner.

These aren't all of the power chords, im just showing you different ways of altering them. There are endless possibilities to creating power chords, try to make some good sounding ones first. But theres something you need to now about power chords on the next page.
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