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The Complete Shreding Guide

Dane Oly (171) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Ridiculous · Tempo: 120
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The mechanichs of pratising exorcises

slow down- play slow enough so that you play with no mistakes. playing something fast and sloppy will just make the song sound fast and sloppy. If you play it slow and perfect and slowly crank up th speed you will EVENTUALLY learn it fast and perfect. when you play something fast imediatly you will be more likely to freeze if you get nervoise Avoid mental blocks- if you consentrate to hard on playing the exorcises you will be more lickly to make mistakes and i have no idea why. also keep an even and flowing rhythm sequence when you practice this will help against freezing up. consentrate on the pourpose of the exorcise- know what the ecorcise is trying to accomplish and concentrate on that as you practice. when you do an exorcice be shure that you play and then rest and repeat this over and again you will actually get better like this.