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Guitar Duets, Part 1

Arie Kanarie (603) · [archive]
Style: Classical · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1


This is the first part of a guitar duet, measure 1-19. There are 16 more measures but these will not be placed within a reasonable time span (unless someone really likes this piece of music and asks me for the second part), such as within two months, because I am kinda busy at the moment.

I transcribed this music from a book. As such, there is a copywright on this song. However, I did pay for the book, and transcribed the music to tabs myself, and don't make any money out of it. Therefore, I don't forsee any problems by placing it here. However, if anyone feels I have done them injustice, please send me an e-mail about it (only if you are the author of the book of course).

Comments about the song:

Below you can see the sequence for guitar one. This part contains some flageolets (I don't know if this is the correct word, but you probably know what I mean anyway). Whenever you see a 12, it means you have to play a flageolet on the open string above the 12th fret. You can see these notes in:
  • measure 1 and 2
  • measure 7 and 8
  • measure 15 and 16

I hope you enjoy this music. Keep an eye out for any updates!
Guitar Duets, Part 1