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Ode To CH

Arie Kanarie (603) · [archive]
Style: Classical · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 80
Pages: 1

I've been playing guitar for several years now (12 or so). At first I started out playing heavy/death/speed metal exclusively. Speed of playing was my main concern. Only after four years I bought an acoustic guitar, which I didn't use very much. For the last three years, however, with all the great tabs on the internet, I got fascinated by classical pieces. Most recently, I decided to work on my knowledge of music theory (which had been lacking), and started out with the C-maj scale. Below you can see the result.

The piece starts out with an easy melody over some bass progression, changes slightly at measure 6, and finally turns into a rather impressive sounding third part of the piece (measure 11), and all I did was play the open G-string between the notes of the previous measures.

Unexpectedly, an old friend of mine died. His initials were CH, therefore, the piece is called Ode to CH.
Ode To CH