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Ma Rewa By Indian Ocean

Ananth Narayanan (2180) · [archive]
Style: World · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 160
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This is the rest of the second interlude. Watch the timing and sustain in bars 11-14, it sounds quite good when played correctly. This leads on to a major bass/guitar/drum/tabla medley (that lasts for 3 more minutes)which I will not attempt to put down here. But it covers most of the actual interlude part, which suffices to produce a complete song.

This is immedietely followed by the intro lead - after the 16th bar here, play the intro lead again. After that, the song gets into a wild mix of drums, bass and tabla with guitar. I normally stop here when I play this song with my band.

So theres Ma Rewa for you! Go listen to Indian Ocean if you haven't already, and drop me a line if you liked this and would like more similar tabs.
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