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Peter Hsieh (1575) · [archive]
Style: Acoustic/Folk · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 180
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Guantanamera is a song about a young women from Guanta'namo and is a very popular song. This is also an easy song to play on the guitar, it was the first song that I learned. What I have transcribed on the following page are the basic chords and strumming pattern, which in this case is all downstrokes ( meaning you strum downwards toward the ground). If by chance you have just dug your guitar out the closet and wish to get reacquainted with it than this is the perfect place to start. Also, if you did indeed just dug your guitar out of a closet and it has been there for quite some time you will need to tune it. Tuning a guitar to the proper intonation may be difficult if you are a beginning musician but there are several ways you can do it: 1) find someone that has been playing the guitar for a while so they can tune it up for you, 2) buy a tuner ( about 15 to 25 dollars), 3) on the bottom of the page at wholenote to the left are five icons, click the middle "y" shape tuning fork and you can use it to tune by ear which is not too hard but may be difficult if you aren't familiar with it.