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Learning thy Turnarounds

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Basically what I've attempted to demonstrate is how turnarounds are created. Now let's apply some of the rules of chord substitution, alterations, and embellishments and create some harmonically interesting turnarounds to the "I" chord. I'll include some of the formulas. Check out example 2. We have the iii-vi-ii-V7 "TA". Remember the rule that the iiiminor chord can substitute for the "I" chord because they share 2 or more common tones. Next applies the tritone substitution: iii-biii-ii-bii. The choices you have can almost be compared to that of a restaurant menu. LOL. So practice these "TA's" and transpose them to other keys. Not only get them under your fingers but get your ears use to hearing them, especially to the point where you can "drop the needle" on any song and pick out the turnaround. Give a close listen to jazz tunes which uses the "Rhythm Changes" and "Blues"- turnaround heaven! This will definitely help you in transcribing a song and playing by ear.
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