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Learning thy Turnarounds

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We'll first take a look at the turnaround that goes to the "I" chord. Let's take a look at example 1. Instead of ending the tune with one chord, in this case Cmj7 for 8 beats, we can substitue one measure with its V chord. Remember, in western music, the V chord always goes to the I chord giving us a full cadence. In measures 1 and 2 we see the I chord going to its V chord. We can further enhance this turnaround by applying the rule: Before every dominant chord you can insert its iiminor chord a fifth above the dominant. In this case, since we're in the key of "C" the iiminor chord is the Dmin7 chord. Check out measures 5-6. We can apply the same rule to the Dmin7 chord and going a 5th above that chord gives us the Amin7 chord thus giving us our I-vi-ii-V7 turnaround to the "I" chord. Check measures 9-10.
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