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Paganini's 24th Caprice Var V

Anthony Ridi (2010) · [archive]
Style: Classical · Level: Expert · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

It has been quite some time since I posted the fourth variation and have received messages asking me to continue. Now, I can't promise that I will post all eleven variations plus the Finale but I will I post the fifth one.

I first approached this variation using the standard "octave" fingerings, allowing both the high octave note to blend in with it's lower octave. THIS IS WRONG! I later found out the proper way to play the octaves was to release the finger playing the high octave as you finger the lower octave. This approach is harder than just placing your fingers in the octave pattern, but stays true to the rhythmic notation of the original violin score.

As you have already noticed, there are some serious leaps in this variation. It is important that you look to your destination before making the leap so that land consistently on your target frets. I would slowly practice one measure at a time for extended periods just to get it under my fingers. I don't suggest you aim for speed as you begin studying this variation; start slow and speed up the pace with consistent execution.

I received a few e-mails asking me to post the R.H. fingering. I normally won't indicate the right hand fingering because I assume those studying this type of material not only have a good understanding of proper R.H. technique, but actively notate their R.H. when learning a new work. Have fun everyone!
Paganini's 24th Caprice Var V