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Dominant Scale Choices

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Hello there and welcome to an updated version of DOMINANT SCALE CHOICES FOR THE IMPROVISING JAZZER. Of all the chords: Major, Minor, Diminished, and Dominant, the dominant chord or the "V" Chord (fifth degree of the major or minor scale), is the most versatile, the most intriguing, the most ambiguous, the most unstable, therefore the most studied of all chords.
You will find dominant chords in all forms of music used in many many ways: In Blues the "I" chord is usually a major 7 chord or the first degree in a major scale. This is written as "i" in minor keys. But in most blues forms the dominant chord is assumed as the "I" chord.Another important characteristic of the dominant chord is its ability to take all alterations (#5, b5, #9, b9) without losing its identity as a dominant chord. It can also be extended like other chords, (9, 11, 13ths). With such a versatile chord comes an array of scale choices.....take a look.