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Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Acoustic/Folk · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 90
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Written by Francis Scott Key

This copyright covers only the lesson and not the tune.

Current events unfolding present selfish human behavior, sometimes at its worst. For me the national anthem represents the best our country has to offer as a positive audible symbol, and along with that is our flag for the visual symbol.

I have tried to make this arrangement suitable for Guitarists to play at specific events.

The music has pick up notes on the 3rd beat of the first measure. It is unfortunate that the composer cannot handle more than 32 measures. With the pick up notes the composer would need 33 measures for the tune. Therefore, the tune has been split into two parts consisting of the partial measure and 16 additonal measures.

The middle section, the bridge, is 8 measures long plus the last section, return to the initial melodic statement of 8 measures extended to 10.

Normally most music does not use "holds" or "fermattas". The composer cannot handle any holds. To compensate when creating the tab, the tab gets extended time, and the measures are extended time wise

There are two main tab pages for this tune, # I and # II. Normally there are several fermattas in this arrangement where the note is held longer for emphasis, according to our traditions. The composer cannot insert holds. The notes have been extended to compensate for this short coming .

Measures 13, 16, and 19 were extended.