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Changing Roads

John Moffett (49) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Expert · Tempo: 120
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Changing Roads The way that a person develops as guitarists/songwriters/artists/composers, is as personal and unique as our personalities. Our personalities and our attempt in expressing feeling and emotion in our music that can radiate into the hearts of our listeners are a mere reflection of our lives. The road we are going down shows in our playing and in our compositions. If we are abusing ourselves in any manner, that abuse reflects in our playing. If we do not understand that all great music originates from one place, then we are lost. After 22 years of my own painful struggles through life and music, I came to the thought of abandoning music altogether. I could easily impress others by shredding or show them my pain in my heart by not playing to the point. I finally realized something was missing; something was wrong. The concept that I had missed; the point that I was not playing to, was LOVE! I could not express joy or compassion or empathy or truth in my playing because my life lacked the basis of all those things, LOVE! Finally I started noticing that all the master guitarists like Vai and Satriani and all other creative virtuosos and classical composers had been trying to tell me that it was LOVE in their artistry. I decided to change the road I was on and accept responsibility for my life and began to seek LOVE. Where does one find out about something so normal to most people yet so alien to me? Without getting into religious beliefs (Ill just say mine are alien to this world in many eyes) God noticed I was seeking him and graced me with a guide. Now my life is positive and joyful and full of LOVE for others and God. That is the secret of being a great artistic virtuoso instead of being an egotistical, self-indulgent poser is LOVE. So my point is that all truly inspired and creative music comes forth from LOVE and everything else is a mere cerebral exercise. My playing became intensely focused and cohesive and made its points clearly and precisely because of my spiritual growth and LOVE. The rewards in your life and in your playing from embracing this concept will deliver you to your destination. I reached most of my goals and then realized that I will never run out of things to learn and things to create in music. I do however have the OBLIGATION to try and help others who cant figure out why they cant play the way the feel or want to. Honestly, look at the road your going down and if you are honest enough to realize you are not playing with LOVE, change roads. Ive been down most all the wrong ones and I hope this advice can help that one young shredder who is wandering off the path of LOVE and into a cold and blurry atonal sounding style . More about this next time . John Moffett is a graduate of the John Milton Adkisson institute of abstract musical theories with over 22 years experience in just about every aspect of performing and currently is working on his second cd.