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How to Practice

Frederick Burton (5465) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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In jazz it is taught and it is learned that every arpeggio, scale, chord progression, run, lick, etc should be practiced in all keys! WHY? As many a one beginner has asked. Not only does it enhance your technical facility all over the fretboard but is expands your aural perception as well. It is essenital to learn everything, everywhere on the guitar. HOW IS THIS DONE? Glad you asked. Simply by practicing all of the above, everything, in every key, around the circle of 5th's. That way you touch on everywhere. What makes our instrument such a monstrous task to master is that we can play everything vertically, on every each string. God help us if they create a 10 string guitar. We can play it horizontally as well as diagnal. Not to mention the fingerings on each finger. I think you get the point. This can get overwhelming. But we chose this and we love it. Right? LOL. The way of doing these with ease is to practice the root progressions on both the 6th string and 5th string. They are arranged with the groove builder in groups. All 12 keys are covered in the following: 1) CHROMATIC, 2) 4TH'S, 3) WHOLE STEPS, 4) MINOR 3RD'S, AND 5) MAJOR THIRDS. As you can see, by the way these arranged this will give your ear quite a workout. This will also make you look at the fretboard differently and eleviate boredom by playing everything the same.
How to Practice