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A Maj 16th Note 6-string Sweeping

Michael Mclaughlin (153) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

this is a six-string sweeping passage that I play when i'm warming up.When I play sweep arpeggios that like this one include sweeping across all six strings I use strickt up and down picking patterns(hence the term sweep picking)when the arpeggio is ascending from low to high use down stokes only I use the wieght of my hand to kind of drag the pick across all six strings and conversly when going back down from high to low use up strokes The way you angle the pick will help too when using down strokes(ascending) point the tip of the pick up a little so it's facing more towards the sealing and towards the floor when using up strokes(descending)one more quick tip in order to play sweeps cleanly you must mute the note after picking it to stop the notes bleeding into one another and then it would be chord not a true arpeggio.
A Maj 16th Note 6-string Sweeping