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Workin' on your Rhythms

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Hi all! Ready for some cool rhythm playing? Oh NOOOOOOO, not the "R" word. In the past, with the exception of the classical guitar, the guitar was primarily a rhythm instrument. During the early years of Jazz, the early 1900's, the main rhythm instrument was not the guitar, beleive it or not it was the banjo and mandalin. Nevertheless the glue that held the group of musicians together anchored around the guitar and the strong pulse provided. With the introduction to electronics and the advanced skill level the guitar started to come to the forefront. With single string playing starting to take off the discipline of "rhythm playing" started to take a back seat. Rhythm playing can open your eyes and ears to numerous styles of playing the guitar: Reggae, Bossa Nova, Funk, Swing etc. Reading rhythms can aid you in recognizing rhythmic notation which is one of the first steps in reading music. Reading rhythms can also aid you in becoming a better improviser. How? Simply by aiding your approach to phrasing and making your lines more musical. The examples should be practiced slow and gradually increased in tempo. Listening to different types of music can ease the pain if you're a rocker and you're trying to comp some Bossa Nova chords or if you're a bluesman who never played reggae. Its a wonderful learning experience to learn different cultures and their approach to rhythms. Sit back and enjoy while you learn. Gigs will come a plenty if you can "hold down the fort." Good Luck.