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Get The Same Tune In Different Places

Jack Robinson (39) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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From the tab below: 1 in E = 6 in B, 1 in B = 5 in G, 1 in G = 6 in D, 1 in D = 6 in A, 1 in A = 6 in E.

you can do this between any two sequential strings by leaving five frets (ex. 1 in E = 6 in B) except between B and G you just have to leave four frets.

If you want to do it between two srings but they're not sequential, you'll just gonna do the same thing but on two steps. If you want to get 1 in E(the 1st string) in G, first, leave five frets betweem E and B, you'll get 6 in B then, leave four frets starting from 6 in B, you'll get 10 in G, so you got 1 in E = 10 in G.
Get The Same Tune In Different Places