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Warming Up

Frederick Burton (5465) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Many and one books cover different aspects of technical playing but never is there much attention to warming up. Everyone knows that to become the optimum player, practice is the key, very few books, videos etc teaches the correct way to achieve this goal. Everything is in short "spoonfuls" so the necessity to warmup is left out in the cold and thus the student is building his/her castle on sand. As mentioned earlier, like athletics, music is a discipline and as a track star stretches as part of his/her everyday agenda, thus the musician should do this as well and do it correctly. How long should one warmup? Only the player/person can determine this. Ten minutes, 15 minutes should be fine. Remember just like a racing car, to get to 120 mph you have to get though 0 thru 119. The last thing a ball player wants to do is to injure themselves because they didn't stretch and or warm-up. The same applies to the guitar. Playing in shows or practicing for hours requires endurance and stamina and that must be work up to which makes the warming up process that much more important. Below are some examples of warming up with trilling. Again take it slow and work up to speed. The first measure is with the first two fingers. Next, with the middle two, and last is with the third and fourth finger. The next trill is using the first and third finger. Next the second and fourth finger. The last trill is with the first oand fourth finger.
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