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Warming Up

Frederick Burton (5465) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Before diving into the playing exercises, let's look at the mental aspect of warming up. Sitting quietly for a few minutes can be very beneficial before diving into an intense practice session. During the practice session say to yourself or aloud, some positive comments. For example: "Man, I'm grooving today!" "I finally know this tune!" "I sound great today!" "I feel great today!" "I'm beginning to see some great improvment in my right hand!" "Eddie Van Halen, your ass is mine!" Grab a large mirror and assume your sitting position prior to practicing and admire yourself in the mirror. Positive thinking is definitely a great warm up for the brain. I often meditate for about 10minutes before during and after a practice session. Sometime during my meditation I have implaced in my mind a vision of me playing somewhere and I'm digging it. That vision is me in the future and with each practice this is what I strive for. Another thing to do. If you have a limited amount of time to practice, let's say 1 hour, then mentally set in your mind your goal. Is it three octave major 7 arpeggios? Then open the book and look at the pattern. Insert it into your mind's eye and play it without touching your guitar. Now look at your guitar and slowly repeat what you invisioned and then play what's in the book. After your abbreviated practice, close the book and now play the pattern. Sing the notes. Correct your mistakes and do it again. Afterwards, throw in a positive comment. Like: "You got me this time, but I'll have 2hours tomorrow, you are grass!"