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How To Practice

Oliver Primus (152) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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I dont know if its just me but i absolutelty love playing the guitar and im always happy to learn something new even if its not something i would usually listen to in my spare time.

The problem i always encountered was that even with the time i had i felt the various books and resources i had on playing different things on the guitar was kind of overwhelming me. I would find myself saying "Right learn this song or that lick" but if i found that i couldnt do these things straight away i would move onto something else simply because i had so much stuff i could go through.

This is a problem i find lots of my friends and i have, they want to improve but dont know how, or how important practicing in the right way will help. For example if i had a couple of hours to practice i used to go through songs or licks i knew ike the back of my hand.I got to the point where i knew i wasnt a great guitarist but felt i couldnt get any better and i hated it.

So i got very focused and soon found that its not how much practice you do its how well you do it.

On the next page i will show you what i did to improve, but i will leave you with something my guitar teacher told me.

"When you practice at home play all the things you find hard and when your playing in public or jamming then play the things you know well"