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Right Hand Etude

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Hey all! Here we go again, another torture session with yours truly. Pull up a chair and grab a geeeeetar, no matter, nylon stringed acoustic, steel string, 6-string hollow body, 7string semi-hollow, or even your Charvel Jackson Randy Rhodes Flying "Fin". This lesson is going to take us into the world of Dream Theater's John Petrucci. It's no secret around the wholenote community that I'm quite an admirer of his style of playing. For those who aren't familiar with John Petrucci, I highly suggest grabbing some CD's by Dream Theater or Cd's by the side project he's affiliated with :Liquid Tension Experiment, you will not be disappointed. He also has an instructional video on the market called "Rock Discipline", you can obtain reviews on this video and Dream Theater's discography in the wholenote's resources section.