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Theory 06: Improvising Over Modes

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Well, let's continue what we began in the last lesson. I must warn you that this is a massive lesson and it may take you several weeks or even months to master it. But don't worry about how long will it take and focus on learning every aspect of this one. When you finish it, you'll be an above-average guitar player for sure, being able to jam with everyone in many musical styles. Ok, enough chat, let's start!

Before going deeper into improvising over modes, let me introduce a concept:


You may already know what an arpeggio is. If you don't, well, an arpeggio is a succession of chord tones. For example, let's look at A Major chord:

- A Major: A C# E

A Major

If you play its notes one after another (you can play them in any order you want), you're playing an arpeggio. For example:

Theory 06: Improvising Over Modes