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Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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By now your fingers should be developing a rhythmic pattern in playing the progression given on the previoius pages. I, IV, I, V7, and I in different keys. Syllables should have remained the same for the patterns when shifting to different positions.

Continue the same patterns. Move the entire patterns higher into the 9th position for the key of C#(Db), 10th position for the key of D, 11th position for the key of Eb, 12th position for the key of E.

Utilizing a chord followed by arpeggio patterns for the voice will be continued in a different lesson. When completed, the information will be posted at the bottom of this lesson in an edit situation.

The lead in statement posted mentioned that the material presented was just a peek at what qualified voice teachers use in their instruction.

Most of what I presented was just an introduction into this area. For those interested in developing their voice, check your local area for voice teachers. As in many other fields it will take time to find the right teacher for your needs and desires.

As a suggestion make a recording of your voice as to how it sounds for your own reference. That might make you aware of any areas that may need guidance of a skilled professional vocal teacher or coach.

Good luck.