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Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 160
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All rights are reserved by the copyright holder. Permission is granted for educational purposes. Public performance, in any form, is prohibited unless licensed by the copyright holder.

This tune was previously done in lesson #4520 in the key of Ab. Lesson #7525 is an up date of the same material in key of G with accompaniment

This is a viennese type of waltz. There isn't a category for this musical type on WHOLE NOTE. Jazz would probably be the closest available description.

There are some problems with using the system. The music is in 3/4 time. The groove only works in 4/4 time. The composer can work in 3/4 time but not too willingly.

There are two sequence patterns used on this tune. The first one is expressed in tab form where the viewer is able to see what was created. The second is expressed in tab also, however only the sound is available for the viewer.

To off set this problem, the tab for the accompaniment will be shown separtely in additional pages.

The music is longer than normal. There are 5 complete measures of introduction. The sixth measure is incomplete .. having a rest followed with two additional noted for the pickups.

The intro in tab shows only 5 measures as the pick ups become the first measure in tab form.

Second page of tab contains the tune and the pickups. The chords are Am7//|D7//|Am7//|D7//|Am7//|

The second page of tab is 17 measures long. (Two pickups in the first measure plus 16 measures)

The first measure of page two is really the pickups into the tune. The second measure has the chord Gmaj7. That is the beginning of the tune.The chords are D7//||:Gmaj7//|G6//|Am7//|D7//|Gmaj7//|G6//|Am7//|D7//||Bm7//|E7//|Am7//|D7//|Gmaj7//|G#dim7//|Am7//|D7//||

Page three of tab has 12 complete measures. The last chord of the previous page has the pick up into this part.

The chords are


The next measure contains the pick up notes for returning to the beginning. (Page two of tab). The chords are D7//|Gmaj7//|G6//|Am7//|D7//|Gmaj7//|G6//|Am7//|D7//||Bm7//|E7//|Am7//|D7//|Gmaj7//|G#dim7//|Am7//|D7//|