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Stille Nacht - Silent Night

Tom Limbach (230) · [archive]
Style: Acoustic/Folk · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 70
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Merry christmas to all! This is an easy picking version of "Stille Nacht - Silent Night.

Before playing the tab-arrangement you have to tune the low E-string down to D!

For technical reasons there is no way to create a tab on this site with a tuned down low E-string to low D. Because the midisound is created out of the tab the pitch of the low E-string notes are wrong! For that reason I muted the sound of the low-E-string in the complete tab-arrangement.

So when you look at the tab and hear the midi you won`t hear the notes on the low E-string but you see them in the tab correct!

A little bit confused?

Use the following steps to master the song:

1.Tune the low-E-string down to low D (2 halfsteps down)

2.Listen to the midiplayback to get a feeling for the melody and rhythm

3.Try to play it on slow tempo

4.Let all notes ring as long as possible to get a rich and warm sound

5.Sing the lyrics while playing (you find the lyrics in german and english language on page 2)

Stille Nacht - Silent Night