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Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1 2 3


This copyright covers only this lesson and not the tune. Chord progressions are normally not copyrightable.

The 12 bar pattern is similar to the blues, in number of measures used, before repeating the progression.

The progression is one that we used to call a vamp.

Play the progression thru 3 complete times, before using the ending. In tab the ending will be indicated by the use of an empty measure after the tune. And then the next measure will come back in, almost identical to the the earlier part of the tune with the progressions used.

When repeating from the last measure, return to the SECOND measure at the beginning of this tu. If using lyrics, repeat two times.

The pick up note is "B". It comes in on the 4th beat of tab measure one. The B7 chord.