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Art of Rock Guitar: Rolling and Tumbling

Richard Daniels (51) · [archive]
Style: Rock/Pop · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 180
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heavy_artrock.jpg The following lesson page is an excerpt from Richard Daniels' book, The Art of Playing Rock Guitar, available on-line from The Heavy Guitar Company.

Please check out the book for more great ideas like this.

Rolling and Tumbling: Part I
Listening to lead guitar playing is my favorite thing. A lot of times artists rely on the technique of simple scale climbing in order to just rip a swath through time and space in order to provide some sound effects, thrills, spills and, of course, proof that he dominates over something as simple as a stupid guitar scale. In the original Heavy Guitar Bible, I provided a series of approaches, which you could use to tumble through the scale. Well, this is the same idea, but now you know so much more about the board and your insight and confidence is so much greater, that the sky is the limit. Speed them up!

Here's an example of rolling and tumbling through the E blues scale:

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Art of Rock Guitar: Rolling and Tumbling