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Intro To Sweep Picking

Allen Nelson (991) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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This is the basic sweep picking pattern. In case you don't know, in sweep picking, you are using a picking motion like a slowed down strum. Don't individually downstroke or upstroke each note, bring your hand down in a smooth motion. But its not a strum. Each note is its own note. Your fingers should only be fretting the note as long as its supposed to be played for. Don't let your notes run together like so much paint, or it will sound sloppy. Your left-hand fingers should follow your right-hand picking.

The picking pattern for this sequence should be:
D D D U (pulloff) U D D D U (pulloff) U

Set this to a tempo you can manage cleanly and set it to loop so you can play along with it. Once you get this down, you can try speeding it up in slow increments until you feel you are going really fast. But since this is kind of boring, I made a more melodically pleasing example for the next page. When you feel ready, move on.

Have fun!
Intro To Sweep Picking