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Warmup By Finger Picking

Alexander Alasj (407) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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I wrote the following sequences mainly to use them as warmup exercises before getting on stage. When playing them you train both hands dexterity and take a lot of tension away that is common when your hands are cold and you feel a little nervous.

First, you should stretch your fingers. Just close and open your fist a few times, making sure that you stretch out your fingers as much as possible. It could be dangerous playing with very cold hands, so warm them up a little before grabbing the guitar.

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  • When playing, let the strings ring. If a string is mute, you probably hold your hand in the wrong angle, or don't push the string hard enough.
  • Use the metronome to get the right rhythm.
  • As your playing improves, try to speed the sequences up a little, to make it a little harder.
  • If there are any comments, feel free to send them to me!
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