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Lets Start Shredding

Allen Nelson (991) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Now some non-specific shred advice, which will conclude this lesson until I choose to update it some more!

How to do a basic scale shred -

Take a few minutes to chose some patterns on one or two strings involving 3-6 notes. For example, lets this little bit:


OK, Now that little bit is only an example of something following a scale pattern, that with some practice you can play really fast. Now, I didn't mark the strings this was played on because its not really important. Whats important is that by taking this fragment and changing it to fit in a given scale (like the two that I'm about to show you), this is a perfect shred fragment. Play it 3 or four times before moving onto another one, or just use it as a transition piece between something else a little more melodic. Now, make up a few shred fragments of your own. For single strings, they should almost all be in one of three forms (of course the actual fret numbers are unimportant):

--1-3-5--, --1-2-4--, --1-3-4--

Those are your basic diatonic forms, which can be combined with another form on an adjacent string if you want to make a 2-string shred fragment. Now that you have made a couple of your own, here are two scales to put them in:

A min
A maj

And there you have it. Shred 101. This of course is only scratching the surface of shredding, and being able to blow away the average guitar newbie is only a tiny part of metal shredding. I did not intend to build much musical strength in this lesson, or to beef up your theory knowledge. But I do hope that you got something out of this lesson, more than just how to sound mildly impressive. But, if thats all you got, then that's something! :)

Shredding is incredible fun and even piles of noise that, if slowed down, would sound horrific, still have their merits and place in a metal solo. I hope that you love playing the guitar as much as I do! Keep shredding, and that's all for now!