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The Drink Of Brandy

Rowan Chisholm (1708) · [archive]
Style: Bluegrass · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1 2 3

This is a jig, which is a dance. It needs to be played at a lively tempo and in strict time.

This was originally in 9/8 time, but Composer only allows 3/4. To put it back into 9/8 time, play 9 eighth notes per measure (three groups of 3 eighth notes) with the heaviest beat on the first note of the first group.

There is a pickup note at the start of this piece, but this time there is no balancing, incomplete measure at the end. Instead, we have a tricky format for the piece itself.

The book shows this first section, including the pickup note, played ONCE. Go to the second section, play it ONCE. Then return to the first section, SKIP THE PICKUP NOTE, and play the rest of the first section ONCE and hold the last note. Got it? Good!

Chords as they are laid out for the 3/4 time that's in this lesson. (One chord per group of 3 eighth notes): G G, G G, G C, G G, G D, G C, G G, G G, G C, G G, G D, D C.

For the 9/8 time (one chord per group of 3 eighth notes): G G G, G G C, G G G, D D C, G G G, G G C, G G G, D D C.
The Drink Of Brandy