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Geese In The Bog

Rowan Chisholm (1708) · [archive]
Style: Bluegrass · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1 2 3

Originally in 6/8.

Play this twice and go on to the second strain on page two.

"Strain" is an old musical term for a section of the music. When you read old books and they say someone was listening to "strains of music", it wasn't just that music was being played, they were actually talking about listening to old time dance music that had repeating sections!

The chords for this section are:

D D, D D, D D, D G, D D, D D, G D, D G.

The rhythm is play two chords per measure one on the first 8th note and the second on the 4th 8th note. This gives the 6/8 rhythm.

Another rhythm I've seen for jigs in some books is to hit a chord on the first, third, fourth and sixth 8th notes.

Have fun with this one, I've always liked playing it!
Geese In The Bog