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Simple Lesson On Stumming 16th Notes

Richard To (831) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 100
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This lesson is on strumming 16th notes

I am making this lesson because I never learned how to strum 16th notes until a couple weeks ago. I only knew how to strum 8th notes. It is not very hard to learn and is pretty obvious how to strum 16th note rythyms, but for those that don't know this lesson will explain it.

The Lesson

The first thing you need to know is what a 16th note is when you are playing music.

A 16th note means one beat is divided into four beats. So you play the note 4 times in the span of one beat. Here is what it looks like.

|1---|----|----|----| - whole note - the note lasts four clicks on a metronome.

|1---|1---|1---|1---| - quarter notes - the note lasts 1 click on a metronome.

|1-2-|1-2-|1-2-|1-2-| - 8th notes - the note lasts half of a click on a metronome or 2 notes for every click

|1234|1234|1234|1234| - 16th notes - the notes last a quarter of a click on a metronome or 4 notes for every click

To strum eighth note rythyms you strum down for the first beat and up for the second beat.

To strum 16th notes you strum the first note down, the second up, the third down, and the fourth up etc. The difference between 8th note strumming is you strum faster.

Here is an example chord progression from the intro to Wonderwall by Oasis

Here is the strumming parttern



Here are the chords that are used


For the A7sus4 I recommend barring the 2's.

After you learn to play this you should get a pretty good feel for strumming 16th notes. Try to make your own. In my opinion when your are making strumming patterns you should make them using 16th note format I think you can make more interesting patterns that way. But don't play the whole thing in 16th notes because at high tempos it is not good, your hand will get tired, I tried it. Use 16th notes to spice up your strumming patterns.

Go check out some of Charles Gracsi lessons on just about every aspect of playing guitar. The guy knows a lot. He helped me fix some flaws in a couple of my lessons including this one.
Simple Lesson On Stumming 16th Notes