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Modes Of C Major

Joseph Salinas (229) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

1. C Ionian-this mode is a major scale.Diatonic 7th chords-Cmaj7,Dm7,Em7,Fmaj7,G7,Am7,Bm7b5.a common chord progression in C Ionian is C,F,G.
C Ionian
. 2.D Dorian-dorian has a "minor" sound,but is not particurarly gloomy.Diatonic 7th chords-Dm7,Em7,Fmaj7,G7,Am7,Bm7b5,Cmaj7.a common chord probression in D Dorian is Dm,G,Am.
D Dorian
. 3.E Phrygian-phrygian has a "minor" sound and is somewhat gloomy.Diatonic 7th chords-Em7,Fmaj7,G7,Am7,Bm7b5,Cmaj7,Dm7.a common chord progression in E Phrygian is Em,F,Dm,Em.
E Phrygian
. 4.F Lydian-lydian has a very bright sound.Frank Zappa often used this mode.Diatonic 7th chords-Fmaj7,G7,Am7,Bm7b5,Cmaj7,Dm7,Em7.a common chord progression in F lydian is F,G/F,F,G/F.
F Lydian
. 5.G Mixolydian-mixolydian has a very bluesy quality.it is used a lot in funk music.Diatonic 7th chords-G7,Am7,Bm7b5,Cmaj7,Dm7,Em7,Fmaj7.a common chord progression in G mixolydian is G7,F,C.
G Mixolydian
. 6.A Aeolian-the aeolian mode is a natural minor scale.it is probably the most commonly used mode in heavy metal.Diatonic 7th chords-Am7,Bm7b5,Cmaj7,Dm7,Em7,Fmaj7,G7.a common chord progression in A aeolian is Am,G,F,G.
A Aeolian
. 7.B Locrian-locrian is the least used mode in music.it has the gloomiest of all the modes.Diatonic 7th chords-Bm7b5,Cmaj7,Dm7,Em7,Fmaj7,G7,Am7.a common chord progression in B locrian is G/B,F/B,G/B,F/B.
B Locrian