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The Minor Pentatonic Scale

Joseph Salinas (229) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 50
Pages: 1

the minor pentatonic scale is the main scale used to play lead guitar in Rock n Roll.these five scale positions or boxes show the notes you can use to make up your own leads or figure out some or your favorites.these fingerings are moveable and can be played at any fret.when these positions are combined,they cover the entire fretboard.(the positions fit together in the same order in every key.the long fret board diagram shows how the five positions work together in the key.by learning each position on your guitar and figuring out how each one connects to those on either side of it,you can teach yourself to play up and down the entire neck,practice playing lead in all keys.position 2 is the most important and easiest to learn.from the 50's thru today's music this is the one lead position that has been used in almost all recorded or (unrecorded)rock,blues and metal solo's as well as some other styles,anyway learn this position first,and practice playing lead in this fingering in allkeys before learning the others.(this is for the key of A)here we go;
position 1
position 2
position 3
position 4
position 5