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The Art Of Tremolo

Coco Gaston (963) · [archive]
Style: Classical · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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One problems you may have is playing bass notes and trelolo on 2 strings one over another, this will go away after lots of practice. If you can not do anything, on the few pages i explained I STRONGLY RECCOMEND the song ROMANZA , it will EXTREMELY HELP!!! I RECCOMEND IT TO EVERYBODY!!! It uses tremolo, only in 3 different strings, still doing the ami motion with bass notes and some barres, its a GREAT song overall.After playing romanza tremolo wont seem half as hard as now. Also check out 3 winter nights, by me its made to help tremolo technique. If you have any questions send me feedback with them and ill post the questions up and answer them on the next page of my lessons, so theire open to everybody.