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The Art Of Tremolo

Coco Gaston (963) · [archive]
Style: Classical · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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TREMOLO WONT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT, IT TAKES YEARS FOR A PERFECT TREMOLO. Tremolo can be added to any song at all. From rock to classical its used to improvise in many ways. Ok, in this lesson we will add some bass notes. The exaple below shows an exaple of 3 triplets and an eight note played. IT IS JUST AN EXAPLE NOT INTENED TO BE PLAYED. ok, now in your guitar, try plucking your low e string with your thumb. pluck it 4 times. Pluck it again, this time play the high e string 3 times on a AMI motion. Take as long as needed. Now Play LOW E STRING, then ami the high e string. REPEAT 5 times. now try to do the same on different strings, experiment as much as you want.
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