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Simple Sweep Picking Pt 2

Chris Pinto (24466) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

Well, If you have already viewed my first "Simple Sweep Picking" lesson, this step will take you a little farther in the technique of sweep picking.

As stated in my first sweep picking lesson, you'll notice that I had noted fingering & the use of a metronome...Those steps are still important throughout this lesson, or ANY solo you plan to learn.

Now, as I also mention in my lessons, you do NOT have to start your lesson on the frets I start on, do these patterns in every key, and start on ANY fret!

My first Sweep Pick lesson was very short and simple. Which was the basic idea. I just wanted to show you a couple things there:
  • I wanted to show you a very basic arpeggio
  • I wanted to show you the proper way to play it
  • I also wanted to show the proper fingering & picking

In this sequence, I want to simply add on a couple more notes, at the 15th & 17th frets. This excersize is to be played exactly the same way as in Lesson #1. (The same principles apply here.)

Even though I might not be the best "teacher", but, I appreciate you veiwing my lesson/lessons, and I hope you learned a little something. If I can improve my lessons in any way, please let me know.