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The First Things You Should Learn

Richard To (831) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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I never had lessons and have been learning through web pages and books, so I had to figure out what to learn and alot of times I learned the wrond thing and that created alot of bad haits for me.


1.Don't go off trying to just playing tabs off the internet. You may sound good because some songs are real simple to learn and play. Ex. Brain stew by Green day and All the Small Things by Blink 182 a pretty easy to play.(I'm not saying don't play tabs but practice your techniques correctly.)

2.Play with a Metronome always.

3.You shouldn't learn music theory right away because you'll probbably quit if you try because its confusing and boring.

4.Learning the fretboard. I still haven't learned it completely and I don't see how it helps too much. But I suggest you learn it but not first thing.

5.Have patience and play slowly in time. No matter how much you want to play fast don't unless you can.

6.Pracitce everyday. For 2 years I never practiced much. Once you get to certain point it gets hard to improve. I started practing and I see myself getting better.

7.The most important thing when you first Start playing guitar is to know what you are doing. have a plan and set some goals to what you want to learn and focus on. I never had any idea what to learn so I tried everything and it didn't work to well.

I suggest getting a notebook and writing down goals of what you want to be able to accomlish every week.