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Warm Up Part 5

Seth Rawson (453) · [archive]
Style: Rock/Pop · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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This is the fifth and final part of my warmup exercises. It is a strecthing exercise that losens the left hand using an ever increasingly difficult chord form that can be strummed or arpeggiated, which is recomended because of its difficulty to maintain clarity over the notes. But, I always begin with a good muscular strething. I start with my lower back, strectching all around. Then upper back. Then shoulders, put your arm over your head and pull toward your other shoulder with your other arm. Repeat on other shoulder. Then stretch each arm, elbow, and wrist. Stretch each finger until it feels loose and comfortible. Message all areas to improve blood flow to fingers, arms,etc..Now it is very importatnt to sit or stand in a position that is comfortible but,one that promotes good playing habits. Sit upright in a chair without arms, not resting your arms or back on any surface or just stand if it is more comfortible. Sit with the guitar in your lap or if you standing adjust strap the place guitar at at least waist level. Square your knuckles against the fret board and focus on keeping them that way. This will help speed and accuracy if applied to all playing. It will also help you if go through this lesson.

This exercise uses a four note chord played as I said before in a strumming move or in the recommended arpeggiated pattern. I always play both, first the strum pattern then the harder arpeggiated way.